If you are reading this post, you probably have an interest in synthetic biology, its potential, and the way it challenges our typical perceptions of biology as a field.


Synthetic biology has an array of meanings and specifications depending on whom you are asking. We at SBA prefer to adopt an inclusive definition of what synthetic biology is and who contributes to its success. The hard work of the synthetic biologists themselves—the talented women and men who think outside the box, have genuine curiosity about biological systems, and try to solve fundamental and applied problems—is what drives this exciting field. However, social scientists, regulators, artists, and entrepreneurs, who try to understand the deeper implications and applications of engineering living systems, also play a critical role in the future of synthetic biology. 


In this series of posts, we will introduce the people behind these varied profiles. Synthetic biologists and other associated stakeholders, from different backgrounds, in different stages in their careers, and from all around Australasia give us a brief interview, so we can meet the persons behind the scenes who bring this field to life in this continent.

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