https _cdn.evbuc.com_images_48323668_76640938267_1_originalThe ACOLA’s Horizon Scanning report on Synthetic Biology launch will take place on  Wednesday, 4 September at 10:30am, at Customs House, The Long Room, 399 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD.


Synthetic biology involves the design and construction of new biological parts, devices, and systems, as well as the re-design of existing, natural biological systems for useful purposes. With early applications spanning across health care, climate change mitigation, biocontrol, agriculture and manufacturing the opportunities are significant. However, accompanying the high expectations of these technologies, there is considerable uncertainty and active debate on related social, cultural, ethical, health, economic, regulatory and legal issues.

ACOLA’s Horizon Scanning reports are commissioned by the Commonwealth Science Council and Australia’s Chief Scientist to present timely interdisciplinary analyses to guide decision-making through the decade ahead. This report is the third completed in ACOLA’s Horizon Scanning Series.

Synthetic Biology in Australia: An outlook to 2030 explores the opportunities and issues that synthetic biology will be likely to exert in Australia over the coming decade. It examines synthetic biology from varying perspectives: its emergence and increasing importance in mainstream research, commercial and industrial applications; Australia’s contribution to global efforts to address major societal challenges in energy and food production, environment protection and healthcare; and also by considering the social, ethical and regulatory frameworks that will be needed to support and govern the field’s advancement in Australia.

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