iGEM 2018: Say G’day to the 2018 UNSW Sydney team!


The 2018 UNSW Sydney iGEM team is proposing to synthesise a molecular scaffold for joining together disparate proteins in order to speed up the multi-step enzymatic reactions involved in the Indole acetic acid pathway. This pathway is important as Indole acetic acid is the most common and most studied plant hormone of the auxin class (promotes cell elongation).


iGEM NSW_team
The UNSW Sydney 2018 iGEM team.

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Ian Paulsen: Jobs for rural Australia in synthetic biology revolution

Economic opportunities: Paulsen says Australia should ideally be part of a $1.1 trillion industry. Image credit: The Lighthouse @ Macquarie University

Synthetic biology underpins an international market worth $355 billion a year, climbing to $1.1 trillion in five years. The market is in pharmaceuticals, engine fuels, plastics and more, all made using genetically engineered microbes. Macquarie University’s Distinguished Professor Ian Paulsen wants Australia to have a slice of this high-tech, job-creating, transformational industry.

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