Steering committee

SBA is guided by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives from universities and research institutes which meets once per year. For more information, please contact a member of the Executive Council of the Steering Committee below.


President: Claudia Vickers, The University of Queensland

Vice-President: Ian Paulsen, Macquarie University

Treasurer: Anwar Sunna Macquarie University

Secretary: Ashley Franks, La Trobe University


Steering Committee

Dr Claudia Vickers, The University of Queensland

Prof. Ian Paulsen, Macquarie University

Prof. Kirill Alexandrov, The University of Queensland

Dr Ashley Franks, La Trobe University

Dr Colin Scott, CSIRO

Dr Louise Brown, Macquarie University

Dr Robert Speight, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Monica Gerth, Otago University

Dr Nicholas Coleman, University of Sydney

Prof. Vic Arcus, University of Waikato

Dr Gülay Mann, Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Dr Keith Shearwin, Adelaide University

Prof Juliet Gerrard, Auckland University

Dr Lawrence Lee, Victor Change Cardiac Research Institute

Prof. Ian Maddox, Massey University

A/Prof. Oliver Rackham, University of Western Australia

Dr Anthony Borneman, Australian Wine Research Institute

A/Prof. Patrick Schaeffer, James Cook University

Dr Maurizio Labbate, University of Technology, Sydney

A/Prof. Colin Jackson, Australian National University

Dr Peter Czabotar, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

A/Prof. Sally Gras, University of Melbourne