The SBA is excited to announce the formation of branches within major cities for our members. Many of you have self-organized and have been getting together to listen to student talks, guest scientists and entrepreneurs in the synthetic biology field for quite some time and that’s just fabulous. There are still a few cities where we’d like to help make this happen.

The SBA is calling for expression of interest to be a coordinator of the synthetic biology seminar series in your city. This is an ideal role for a postgraduate student, ECR or even those with more experience to become an active member of your community. It will involve inviting speakers and promoting the event. The SBA will help out with some financial and admin support to make this happen.

Please let us know of your interest by filling out the form:

 If you are in Perth or Brisbane we can connect you with the crew who are already doing great things and would love your input. If you have any further questions then please email Nat