13th and 14th of September 2021


The 2021 conference will be a virtual event with a small in-person event on the 13th held in most Australian and New Zealand major cities with some great prizes! (subject to your local COVID-19 restrictions).

The program includes both biophysical and social science, as well as an industry engagement session. We encourage submissions across a range of biophysical science topics, including (but not limited to): genetic circuitry, high throughput engineering, pathways and products, metabolic engineering, microbial tools, computational synbio, plants, insects, proteins and humans, etc.; as well as application areas including diagnostics, health, environment, agriculture, food, and commercialisation.

In the social sciences, submissions are encouraged in areas including (but not limited to): economics, policy, bioethics, bio-art, sociology, anthropology, legal studies, science & technology in society, responsible innovation, and ethics.



The 2021 conference is spread across seven themes including proteins, humans, microbes, economics/ social/ policy, ECR career paths and student talks

Conference Registration Still Open Click Here!

Prices include a 2 year membership + Access to the two day Virtual Conference + Access to the in-person node event in your city.

Student Price = $125 and Full Price = $250

Local Node Events –

(To be announced soon and dependent on COVID restrictions in your capital city)


Sponsorship opportunities are available; Please contact Anwar Sunna (admin@synbioaustralasia.org) or Natalie Curach (ncurach@bioplatforms.com) for more information.

Organising Committee

Conference Chair: Colin Jackson, Committee Members: Natalie Curach, Anwar Sunna, Thomas Collier, Robert Speight, Caitlin Byrt, Joseph Brock, Kalia Bernath-Levin, Alex Johnson, Okada Shoko, Colin Scott.

Thank you to our sponsors!