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2021 Conference + Node Event Access* + Two year SBA membership

*(subject to your local COVID-19 restrictions)

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 At the last Synthetic Biology Australasia AGM, it was decided to adjust the SBA memberships to a two year period to align with the SBA conference series, which is now held biennially. The SBA Executive have decided to keep fees at the same level for the first two year period that this is implemented to ease the transition into the new fee structure. SBA is, therefore, offering two years for the price of one for 2019-2020 ($85 full membership and $25 students). When you purchase your membership this year, it will cover you until the end of 2020. The pricing structure will be adjusted in 2021. SBA membership brings you a substantial discount in the registration price for the SBA conference as well as the opportunity to apply for travel grants to attend the conference.

Please pay your 2020 membership fees as soon as possible via the SBA website ( Membership fees allow us to run the society, which provides support at many different levels for synthetic biology in Australia (policy, advice, interfacing with regulators, contributing to development of strategic funding initiatives, etc.), acts as a linking hub for the synbio community, provides support for EMCRs and students, runs the Synthetic Biology Australasia conference, and administers the Synthetic Biology Australasia Awards which are conferred at the conference. A quarterly newsletter and ad-hoc mail-outs (a small number, only when required to meet deadlines) are also distributed; these include upcoming events, job opportunities, and other items of interest to the community.