Emily Leproust
DNA synthesis
Twist Bioscience
Chueh Loo Poh
Model-driven approaches to engineer biological systems, particularly complex pathogen targeting microbes, and achieving programmable dynamic regulation using optogenetics.
National University of Singapore
Dan Widmaier
Metabolic engineering for sustainable fibres
Bolt Threads
Louise Horsfall
Synthetic biology in non-model organisms applied to the area of sustainability and resource efficiency – particularly with respect to metals.
Edinburgh University
Colin Scott
Engineering E. coli for cofactor F420 production
David Ackerley
Engineering non-ribosomal peptide synthetases to enable rational reprogramming of biosynthetic gene clusters
Victoria University of Wellington
Claudia Schmidt-Dannert
Bioinspired chemistry and materials: self-assembling protein-based nano-architectures for multi-step biocatalysis and for the fabrication of new types of functional and engineered living materials
University of Minnesota