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Synthetic Biology Australasia (SBA) is a non-profit society that aims to support the growing synthetic biology research field in Australia, New Zealand, and the broader Australasian region. SBA operates as a community hub to develop collaborations within academia and between academia and industry; and to engage in public outreach, education, and training in synthetic biology. Membership is open to all interested stakeholders and can be purchased here.
We are grateful to our Founding Sponsors for recognising the significance of Synthetic Biology in Australia and New Zealand and providing financial support to establish SBA.



Biodesign is a new and emerging field of design that applies research from biosciences. Biomimicry has, for a long time,
Republished from: https://lighthouse.mq.edu.au Original Paper Published in Nature Communications: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-20764-2 We are now at the point when synthetic biology techniques
The Aus Synbio Challenge, first announced at the SBA Conference 2019, is well on its way and we can expect to see
Biology is an astonishing builder. Think of the complexity and organization required to construct a giant redwood, or to form
  Brewer's yeast is a crucial ingredient in some of our favourite things - bread, beer and wine.   (Getty
Dr Craig Cormick is, amongst many things, a science communicator. He has a broad background in both the theory and


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